Planing and Finishing

Planing and Finishing Services

General Fee Guidelines:

$55 fee for Standard Knife Setup

$110 fee for Specialty Knife Set up include the following: Log Profile, Cove Siding. More profiles available contact us to discuss the options.


Softwood – $0.55 per boardfoot                                                                                      Hardwood – $1.10 per boardfoot


CUSTOMER SUPPLIED LUMBER subject to 50% increase in fees

Planing is completed at our Spencerville workshop by our Wood-Mizer four-sided planer/molder, the MP360. It has one of the highest ratings worldwide for planing services. See the details on the MP360 on our equipment page.

We are happy to mill;

  • pieces that you’ve brought in on your own, –
  • pre-cut wood available in our warehouse, or
  • wood we’ve cut into planks and dried for you.

The MP360 mill can do many PROFILE finishes such as:

  • Tongue and Groove slats for flooring
  • Shiplap
  • Wainscoting
  • Board & Baton Siding
  • Custom cabinetry pieces
  • Tapered siding (COMING SOON!)
  • Wood shingles (COMING SOON!)
  • Need something else? Just ask!

The four-sided planer requires wood to be dried first. One edge of the dried wood must be level/flat/true. Boards not meeting the necessary standard will be put through our Grizzly 12” x 84” jointer/planer first, which is equipped with spiral cutter heads, before moving on to the final planing stage.

Workshop Services

Our workshop also includes:

  • Radial Arm Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Jointer Planer

General Fee Guidelines:
$135/hr                                                                                                                                                                                                                              $33.75/15 minute minimum charge

Preparation for Shipping

Upon request, we can stack and prepare lumber for shipping. 

If not going to be used right away, rough sawn lumber can be stacked with one-inch wooden slats, called stickers, between every layer of wood, at 24 inch intervals. Each stack sits on 6 x 6 crossers.

Lumber can also be strapped prior to pickup. 

General Fee Guidelines:
$0.50 Sticker – 1″ material placed every 24 inches between layers
$7.50 Crosser – 6″ material placed on the bottom of each stack every 3-4 ft
$12.00 Strap – polyester cord with edge protectors placed every 3-4 ft