Malwood Sawmills

Delivery Service

Delivery Service

$1.50 per km/return for lumber up to 10′ long loaded in the back of our one ton pickup truck.

Additional $0.50 per km return for 12′ feet and over which then includes our flat bed or dump trailer. 

This includes 30 minutes unloading time of our driver. It is an additional $50/hour after the 30 minutes of the drivers time.  

There must be a capable person available to assist with unloading. If that is not possible we can arrange for an extra person at $50/hour from the time they leave to they return. 

Our delivery driver is part time and delivers usually 2 days a week. 

Preparation for Shipping

Upon request, we can stack and prepare lumber for shipping.

If not going to be used right away, rough sawn lumber can be stacked with one-inch wooden slats, called stickers, between every layer of wood, at 24 inch intervals. Each stack sits on 4*4 crossers.

Lumber can also be strapped prior to pickup.


General Fee Guidelines:

$0.55 Sticker – 1″ material placed every 24 inches between layers

$7.50 Crosser – 4″material placed on the bottom of each stack every 3-4 ft

$12.00 Strap – polyester cord with edge protectors placed every 3-4 ft