Delivery Service

Delivery Service

$1.50 per km/return
includes 30 minutes unloading time

($50/hr thereafter)

Capable person must meet driver to assist with unloading.

Extra delivery staff (if customer unable to assist with unloading)

**recent increase due to fuel costs + Class AZ driver


Preparation for Shipping

Upon request, we can stack and prepare lumber for shipping. 

If not going to be used right away, rough sawn lumber can be stacked with one-inch wooden slats, called stickers, between every layer of wood, at 24 inch intervals. Each stack sits on 6 x 6 crossers.

Lumber can also be strapped prior to pickup. 

General Fee Guidelines:
$0.55 Sticker – 1″ material placed every 24 inches between layers
$7.50 Crosser – 6″ material placed on the bottom of each stack every 3-4 ft
$12.00 Strap – polyester cord with edge protectors placed every 3-4 ft