Drying Services

Drying services for wood are available at our workshop in Spencerville.

Kiln Dried

Our modern, advanced Wood-Mizer Kiln, the KD 250, can dry between 4,000 and 6,000 board feet at a time.

Drying times take approximately 10 days for softwoods and 14 days for hardwoods, depending on the thickness and species.

Pricing may vary for customer-supplied wood, depending on the type of wood, state of the wood, and volume to dry.

General Fee Guidelines:

  • SOFTWOOD – 1″ thick material – $0.50 per board foot
  • HARDWOOD – 1″ thick material – $0.90 per board foot 
  • LIVE EDGE – depending on thickness – $2 to $3 per board foot
  • Kiln Drying Jig – used to mitigate warping and twisting – contact us to discuss need

Air Dried

Air drying wood is a common practice for rough sawn lumber. 

We stack the wood loosely and place one-inch wooden slats, called stickers, between every layer of wood, at 24 inch intervals. Each stack sits on 6 x 6 crossers to ensure good airflow for bottom layer. This enhances the natural drying process. Air drying wood can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on type of wood and weather conditions. 

General Fee Guidelines:

Pricing may vary depending on the type of wood to be dried and the amount of space required for storage.  Fees will include:

  • $0.41 Sticker – 1″ material placed every 24 inches between layers
  • $6.53 Crosser – 6″ material placed on the bottom of each stack every 3-4 ft
  • $10.41 Strap – polyester cord with edge protectors placed every 3-4 ft

Contact us to discuss your needs.