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Kiln Drying

Kiln or Air Drying

Softwoods and Hardwoods</p

Drying services for lumber are available at our workshop outside  Spencerville.

Kiln Dried

We have two hardwood kilns both manufactured by Nyle. One is used for 1″ hardwood and the other for 2″ hardwood. Each kiln can dry approximately 2,000 bf.  Our third kiln for softwoods is a our largest and can dry approximately 4,000 bf and reside at Clearydale farm where we harness heat from an anerobic digester. 

An one inch thick piece of pine will dry in one week and a 2″ piece in 1.5 weeks. We charge 0.60/week for the one inch and 0.90 for the two inch. 

Cedar on the other hand dries naturally in about two weeks once it is stickered and obviously 2″ is longer. Hence we do not charge to dry cedar unless you are in a hurry. We let mother nature handle that. 

Hardwoods are an entirely different challenge. The Nyle guidelines split the hardwoods in different categories. Each category takes a different amount of time to dry. Walnut takes the longest followed by white oak. White oak as well is very acidic and hence harmful on our equipment. Several kilns will not dry white oak. Once a hardwood log is taken down the log ends should be treated to prevent checking.  It is not unusual for customers to mill and then sticker their hardwoods and air dry for a year or more. This drastically affects the time then required for kiln drying. 

Please contact us for your specific hardwood drying needs. Please call 613 884 -9457 and ask for Morgan or email to

Air Dried

Air drying wood is a common practice for rough sawn lumber of all species. Let mother nature look after it. However the piles need to be placed so the west wind blows through and a cover should be placed only on the top. 

In both softwoods and hardwoods we sticker every level. A sticker is an 1″x1″ by 42″ or 60″ piece of pine.  For softwoods we place a sticker 12″ from each end and and then every 24″ in between. For hardwoods we sticker 6″ from each end and 12″ in between. These stickers provide uniform airflow through the lumber for kiln drying or air drying.  We usually stack the lumber 18 rows high with 17 rows of 1″ stickers between. They look like soldiers all lined up on the outside in a vertical straight row.  Each lift sits on 4 x 4 crossers to ensure good airflow for bottom layer. This enhances the natural drying process. Air drying wood can take anywhere from a few days to years and everything in between. 

General Fee Guidelines:

Pricing may vary depending on the type of wood to be dried and the amount of space required for storage.  Fees will include:

  • $0.60 Sticker – 1″ material placed every 24 inches between layers
  • $7.50 Crosser – 4″ material placed on the bottom of each stack every 3-4 ft
  • $12.00 Strap – polyester cord with edge protectors placed every 3-4 ft

We would be happy to discuss your lumber drying needs.