About Malwood Sawmills

Malwood Sawmills is a wood milling operation located in Spencerville, Ontario. We use our state-of-the-art equipment to mill, dry, or finish both softwood and hardwood. We sell pre-cut, quality lumber and sawmill by-products at competitive prices.

We specialize in wall coverings, flooring slats, and specialty wood products for custom cabinetry makers. We also will be selling stamped lumber for construction use in the near future. Whether you’re a contractor, experienced woodworker, or beginner, we can help you with your project, big or small.

Malwood Sawmills was launched in July of 2020. We incorporated in September 2020.

Our Location

Our entire production, including milling and workshop equipment, lumber inventory and log yard are located in our newly constructed facility. In 2020, our workshop was built by local tradesmen. Early in 2021, our kiln was completed, as was our fabric building warehouse. By late 2021, a second fabric building will be erected as well as our timber barn showroom. The barn will serve as a showcase for our products from start to finish.

All the wood products used in the construction of the structures at  Malwood Sawmills was proudly milled on-site, by Dave Malcomson and his team.

Our Vision

To provide high quality wood milled products for sale and wood milling services in Eastern Ontario.

To fulfill product demand at competitive prices, using the most state of the art equipment.

To have a ‘live edge’ on the supply of quality wood in Eastern Ontario.

Our Mission

To provide wood milling services to consumers and builders, to compliment the forestry and building industry in our region.

Carbon Footprint

At Malwood Sawmills, we care about maintaining environmental reponsibility. We have taken careful steps in the planning and building of our mill to ensure our buildings are energy neutral. We also harvest solar energy on both our main buildings.

We also collect and sell our by-products, including:

  • slab firewood
  • kindling
  • sawdust
  • shavings
  • woodchips