Malwood Sawmills

Custom Milling

Malwood Sawmills cuts logs to lumber using state-of-the-art equipment.

The star of our production is our Wood-Mizer LT 70 wide head sawmill. It was the largest portable mill in North America when it was purchased and arrived in March 2021.We have now made it stationary. It is designed for mass production of up to 5,000 board foot per day. This fully-loaded, super hydraulic sawmill features deluxe engine-powered hydraulic log handing and saw head controls, pedestal control station with joysticks, drag back fingers with outfeed table, de barker, and more!

To assist the LT70, our mill also has:

  • 12’ Wood Mizer Log Deck which holds several logs waiting to be loaded on to the sawmill and milled
  • Wood Mizer EG200 dual sided edger removes rough edges and bark
  • Moon four head resaw cuts 5 pieces of material at once out of a cant up to 10″ wide and high

See more details on our equipment page.

Bring Your Logs to Us

Malwood Sawmills is always milling customer logs throughout the year. We can only mill to minus 16 degree Celsius so the odd winter day we are shut down. Our powerful band sawmill is fast and efficient. Our team of four experienced workers consists of a head sawyer, edger/resaw operator, tailer and yardman. Together, the team can mill several thousand board foot per day. The rate of production is dependent on many factors including the wood species, condition of log and material you want milled such as 2″ vs 1″. Our production includes all pieces of our equipment from our bobcat with the grapple to load the logs onto our 12′ log deck, our wide head sawmill with a 36″ throat that can handle up to a 26’2″ log. Then through the dual sided edger if necessary to remove the edge bark and a finally the 4 head resaw to cut 5 boards out of a cant all at once up to 2″ thick. 
General Fee Guidelines: 
After your lumber is rough sawn, Malwood Sawmills can also kiln dry, plane and sand your lumber into your desired dressed material. Contact us to discuss possibilities.
See more details on our drying and finishing pages