Malwood Sawmills

Lumber – Softwood

Available both rough sawn or dried and dressed.  Whether selecting rough sawn or dried and dressed this material is a great, cost-effective option for use in many projects. Dried to less than 10% moisture and dressed smooth on all 4 sides and is ready for sanding and staining on your next project. This material is a great, cost-effective option for use in many crafting projects.

Pine, Cedar and Blue/Demin Pine are in stock and available in a variety of  profiles.

See our SERVICES page for information on PROFILES as well as our custom milling, kiln drying, and planing. 

The Pines

White Pine

Red Pine

Blue Pine

Point of Interest on Red or White Pine
Our pine lumber once milled for sale is stickered and stored outside in lifts facing North to South so the West wind will blow through the lumber. A sticker is a 1″x1″x42″ piece of pine placed every 2 feet apart on every level of lumber. This facilitates the movement of air through the lumber stack. This is done so the lumber does not mold. White and red pine have one of the highest sugar contents and hence that facilitates the growth of the mold. This challenge is specific to pine. The benefit of the exterior storage (wind and sun) is the absence of mold but even though the lifts are covered the lumber on the edges will weather. The lumber turns grey over time like you would see on the surface of an old barn. This doesn’t affect the quality of the lumber just the color. If you plan on leaving the pine to weather naturally (turn grey) or if you are going to cover it with a solid stain, we are good to go. It is weathered pine on the east side of our timber barn with a nice dark brown sold stain. It looks amazing and we receive lots of compliments on it.

The long and short is our existing pine lumber is in different stages of weathering. Some are right off the sawmill, and some are a few weeks old. If you would like freshly milled pine, we can add you to our milling list which runs about two weeks of other customer special orders ahead.

Once we kiln dry and dress the pine the weathered look is removed. This is primarily pine lumber that is not kiln dried or dressed known as rough sawn pine.


Different Stages of Weathered Pine
Eventually Gray Like an Old Barn


If your lumber is not being used relatively quickly you may choose to have us sticker it. Stickering is placing 1″x1″x42″ strip of pine every 1′ from each end and two feet in between. If it is 12″ long board, we use 6 stickers per length. Each layer should look like a line of soldiers top to bottom. U then place your lumber stack in a north/south direction so the wind will blow through the pile west to east. This will dry the lumber and keep mold from growing on white and red pine which are the worst. The cost is 55 cents per sticker and we will gladly refund once they are returned.



Rough Sawn  

$1.00/bf  1×4 was $1.50 or 33% off

$1.00/bf  1×6 was $1.50 or 33% off

$1.25/bf  1×8 was $1.65 or 24% off

$1.25/bf  1×10 was $1.65 or 24% off

$1.50/bf  1×12 was $1.65 or 9% off

Kiln Dried & Dressed 

$2.20/bf 1×4 was $2.60 or 15% off

$2.20/bf 1×6 was $2.60 or 15% off

$2.45/bf 1×8 was $2.75 or 11% off

$2.45/bf 1×10 was $2.75 or 11% off

$2.70/bf  1×12 was $2.75 or 2% off

Dressed Lumber

When we use the term dressed it means the lumber has usually been kiln dried and then put through our four-sided molder/planner to make lumber that is planned on all four sides. We can also make Tongue & Groove with a V joint or not, Ship Lap with or without a Reveal &
Scalloped Siding just to name a few. Call for more details 613-884-9457

Board Foot
A board foot is an area

1″ *12″ *12″ or 1″ *6″ *24″ or 1″ *4″ *36″

Thickness” *Width” *Length” /144 = Board Foot

Delivery Service

Our delivery service is based on using our one ton truck alone or with a flat bed trailer or dump trailer. We charge $1.50 per km/return for the one ton truck alone or $2.00 with the flat bed trailer or dump trailer. That includes a thirty-minute driver unload time. If it is takes longer than thirty minutes, there is an additional charge at $50 per hour.

We ask for a physically capable person to meet our driver to assist with unloading or a piece of equipment that can unload a standard skid.

If a person cannot be there or a piece of equipment to help our driver unload, we can send an additional staff member. An additional charge of $50/hour will be added from when we leave Malwood to when we return. This may take an extra day to organize for the additional help.

We generally deliver two days a week. Our driver is part time.

Rough Sawn

$2.10/bf 6″ & under in 14′ & 16′

$2.25/bf 8″ & up in 14′ & 16′ 

Dried &Dressed

$3.90/bf < 1×6

$4.05/bf > 1×8